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Arrival and Departure

Teams should plan to arrive on Thursday, 2 March. A representative from each school must attend the Coaches meeting planned for 7pm hosted at the OCBC Aquatics Centre. There is a gala dinner planned for Saturday, 4 March in the evening, therefore you should depart Singapore on Sunday, 5 March. The Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel is approximately 15 minutes from Changi Airport, Singapore.  Please click here to access the Hotel Reservation Form. Teams will also be staying at The Mecure Bugis Hotel. 

Coaches Meeting

This will be held in the OCBC Aquatics Centre on Thursday, 2 March at 7pm.

Competition and Gala Dinner Venue

The swimming will take place at the OCBC Aquatics Centre which has a large viewing gallery for spectators on level 2. Please note that spectators are not permitted to bring outside food and beverage into the venue, all must be purchased at the venue (please note bag checks will be conducted at the venue). The gala dinner will take place at TTS. Teams will be bused from the OCBC Aquatics centre to school and then from school to the hotel.

OCBC Aquatics Centre - Competition Venue 

Spectators, please view the OCBC Aquatics Centre's condition of entry for the event. Please ensure that you do not bring in any restricted items. Thank you. 


Please download the Meet Mobile app to get access to live results throughout the event. The event will be available via Meet Mobile and under event name; SEASAC Swimming Championships 2017


No flash photography to be used throughout the event. There will be a professional photographer taking professional photographs of the swimmers and these will be sent to participating schools after the meet. Swimmers are welcome to share their own photographs of the event via Instagram #seasacswim2017


Coaches and swimmers will be provided with accreditation passes and should wear these when entering the OCBC Aquatics Centre. These passes will be handed out at the coaches meeting on Thursday, 2 March. Only those with accreditation passes are permitted on poolside and in the swimmers stands. No spectators are permitted in the swimmers stands or in the changing rooms. All valuables should be left at the hotel, or placed in the lockers at the venue.


A commemorative t-shirt will be give to all participating swimmers and coaches.


There will be a medical team stationed on poolside at the venue for the duration of the competition. Should a swimmer, spectator or other need medical attention, we will use either Raffles Hospital (Private) or KK Women's and Children's Hospital (Government). Staff leads from their school are requested to ensure that they can provide full contact details and documents for insurance purposes and have the funds to cover the expenses incurred.


Transport is provided for visiting teams to and from the airport for those teams staying at the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel, and to and from the hotel to the gala dinner. On each competition day, there will be transport provided from the hotel to the OCBC Aquatics Centre. If your school chooses to stay at a different hotel, then an extra charge will be added for transport.

Gala Dinner

The Gala dinner and awards presentation will take place at TTS on Saturday, 4 March from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (TBC). Swimmers will depart directly from the OCBC Aquatics Centre to TTS for the gala dinner, therefore, swimmers and coaches must bring their evening outfits when departing form the hotel in the morning. The theme for the gala dinner is Red and White.