British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Conference Issues

Security Council

  • The issue of the mass migration of refugees from Syria and Iraq and the accomadation of these refugees
  • The matter of terrorist organisations such as Islamic State recruiting and radicalising citizens, and the prevention of domestic proxy terrorism as a result
  • The question of online privacy and the security of the information stored on personal computers including the protection of prominent whistle-blowers

General Assembly 1

  • The question of extremism in Northern Africa
  • The issue of the application of intelligence gathering and espionage
  • Measures to limit the availability of firearms

General Assembly 2

  • The matter of unsustainable population growth
  • The issue of income inequality and measures to reduce the poverty trap
  • The question of tackling youth unemployment

General Assembly 6

  • The issue of the UN reform
  • The ethics of private prisons
  • The issue of diplomatic protection


  • Measures to protect economic, social and cultural rights of refugees
  • The issue of financing for natural disaster areas
  • Measures to address drug trafficking and the financing of terrorism


  • Measures to mitigate the effect of terrorism on human rights
  • The issue of refugee placement within host nations
  • Measures to protect Palestinian women in Gaza


  • Legal measures to combat the illegal sex trade
  • The issue of deforestation and haze
  • Measures to protect migrant workers


  • Obligations concerning negotiations relating to the cessation of the Nuclear Arms Race and to Nuclear Disarmament (Marshall Islands v UK)
  • The issue of diplomatic immunity for Assange (Ecuador v UK)

Historical Committee

  • Measures to promote universal suffrage (1900)
  • Addressing the question of a Jewish state (1945)

Countries Assigned

  • UWCSEA East – India (SC), Vietnam, Philippines, Afghanistan
  • British School, Jakarta – France (SC), Australia, Ecuador, Syria
  • UWCSEA Dover – China (SC), Germany, Morocco
  • International School, Yangon – Nigeria (SC), Bangladesh, Israel, Canada
  • Canadian International School, Hong Kong – UK (SC), Singapore, Amnesty International, Ukraine
  • Alice Smith – Indonesia (SC), Japan
  • Ruamrudee International School – Pakistan (SC), Hungary
  • NIST International School – Russian Fed (SC), Egypt, Iraq, Zimbabwee
  • Bangkok Patana – Myanmar (SC), Spain
  • Garden International School, KL – USA (SC), Thailand
  • Tanglin Trust School – Brazil (SC), Saudi Arabia (SC), Cambodia, Greece, Marshall Islands