British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Camp Activities

Delicious, Delightful Treats

Develop your cookery skills making some yummy treats!


Weave with Bamboo, and create nest sculptures, or create fun masks.

Camp Experiments

A series of crazy experiments that will have you thinking about how the world works.

Mindfulness Chill Out

Chill out and relax with mindfulness music, massage and making.

Splash Time!

Learn the rules of water polo and play the fast paced game in teams. You will also play some enjoyable games in the pool using different pieces of equipment.

Team Investigations

A chance for you use your own individual skills as a team and explore, investigate and solve a variety of challenges.

Photo Booth

Take fun pictures of your friends and learn how to use super cool cameras.

Team Challenges

Fun and games with a Future World theme to get you running around and cheering everyone on.

Benchball Tournament

Bench Ball Camp Championship

Parachute Pals

Use all of your skills of collaboration to play lots of fun group games using the parachute.

Climbing Wall

Quick session of vertical ascent!


Relax, unwind and enjoy a Yoga session that will develop your mental, physical and spiritual well being.

Minute to Win it

Quick challenges for teams. Each student should take part in a challenge the best teams win prizes

Daily Outdoor Picnic

Enjoy outdoor games and picnics!