British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Future Worlds Camp 10-14 July

Delivered and designed by Tanglin teachers, this fun-filled, action-packed camp will engage children in a wide range of activities including team work and collaboration, creativity and craft, cooking, sports, yoga and mindfulness and technology. A school bus service will be available for holiday camp children.

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'I loved the wax resist painting because I could draw my feelings'. (Claudia Y5)

'Minecraft was amazing because we had to work together to build a house'. (Isabella Y3)

'I enjoyed meeting new teachers'. (Julia Y4)

'I enjoyed getting to know other people and find out the things they enjoy' (Lily Y4)

'I made lots of new friends - I met someone from the British council and he is from Mumbai - we have played football on the roof. He has kept me company'. (Max Y4)

'I met Daniel who is coming into the Junior school next year so I will be able to see him when he arrives in Year 3'. (Frank Y4)